A Finnish eCommerce company

We specialize in eCommerce and online marketing. We are NOT a consulting company.

We are online, wholesale and B-to-B sellers in Finland and Sweden. Our websites has 250’000 visitors every week. We are constantly looking for new products, online stores and countries for our growing business.

Our company in a nutshell:

  • Online stores Grillikauppa.com, LED-valot.fi and Egrillen.se, Elampan.se and Paista.fi / Paista.se
  • Approximate turnover 2016 over 5M€ (over 5,5M USD)
  • Markets in Finland,Sweden and Baltics
  • Office and warehouse 1500m2 in Kangasala (near Tampere)
  • Founder and CEO Ossi Jääskeläinen (ossi.jaaskelainen(at)edututor.fi)
  • Our goal is be number one niche-ecommerce company in Nordics in 2020 with turnover over 20,000,000 €

Our Story

In 2010 a hard-working, young man Ossi decided to become a professional, a trainer and a consultant in online marketing. I, also a consultant, met him when the business idea was still shaping. In fact, Ossi promised to treat me with pepper steaks if the turnover would someday exceed to over a million euros. Little did he know, it would only take less than two years to that dinner! 

Those who can not, teach! Ossi could, so he ended up doing instead of speaking. Online stores led-valot.fi and grillikauppa.com were born. We can thank Ossi’s burning passion and advanced knowledge in online marketing for the success of these businesses. 

One man and a terrace full of products turned into a rented basement, and a new set of hands was needed for help- Jaakko, who is now our logistics manager. On another year we reached 1,2M€ turnover and the basement turned into a warehouse. More staff was hired for help and faces turned also outside of Finland- egrillen.se and e.lampan.se were established. On our fourth year, we are now making over 3M€ turnover.

Finally we decided to see if I, as a consultant, am good for the real business. My mission is to find growth for our business. Contact us if your products could be part of our story!