We will sell your products online

Directly from You or from our warehouse? We'll find the easiest supply chain for you and the consumer!

Like the other big players in the industry, we don’t only share information online – we are merchants: we buy and sell – pack up and deliver! 

The smartest approach depends on the product and the customer segment. Some products we order to our warehouse – some can be delivered directly to the customer from the manufacturer.

Still, we are an online business and we’ll stay that way! The average Finnish online store was born as a hobby or to support an other business. This is why the main case – online marketing – is weak. We will fix it!

So if your company has thought about establishing an online store, but you don’t want to disturb the well-working dealerships or learn the tricks of online marketing, we got it covered! You don’t have to worry about payment methods, tracking or marketing. We’ll buy and sell your products on an already existing online store or establish a new one for them. As long as we’ll have products to sell!

What we offer

Online marketing

We accomplish things that digital media offices in Finland are still learning to do. We are safe to say this, since we have educated them!

Spreading abroad

We manage our online business on marketing and customer service in other Skandinavian countries as well. To infinity and beyond!

Effective eCommerce

We are constantly working on developing our international multi e-commerce platform based on the newest techniques of the industry.

Our customers

We have 50 000 consumer customers and over 10 000 corporate customers set in our register. Registered customers are found even before products are added to the store.